Zombie Gnome

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We all knew the Zombie Apocalypse was going to happen one day! Here at Genie though we didn’t realise it would all start with the Zombie Gnome!

In their relentless quest to one day eliminate the human race, it seems as if the flesh-thirsty creatures we all love to hate have finally made their move and our now ready to challenge us beautiful humans for control of earth.

In a genius and underhand move, the Zombies have decided to take over our beautiful lawns and patio by strategically killing off the traditional gnome (such a loyal garden attendant, they will be deeply missed) and setting up home there themselves.

While here at Genie we think we may still be safe for now, mainly because these Zombies are only about 30cm tall and can’t actually move or bite, we still recommend that you take extra care when wandering the streets and report any sightings of deranged limbs to the local authorities immediately.

Please don’t stay Gnome alone.

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  • Handcrafted terracotta
  • Weather resistant paint
  • Measures: 28.5 x 10 x 11.5
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