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If you want your next party to go down in history as properly epic and the event of the year the you need to get hold of our Twerk Pong game – it’s that simple.

The act of twerking (or shaking your ass like a crazy person while attempting to look sexy and alluring ala Ms Cyrus) has swept over dance floors right across the country and love it or hate it there’s no hiding from it.

The truth is that we’re closet fans of the twerk, and feel a real social responsibility when it comes to spreading the move to even the most wooden of dad dancers. That’s why we’re proud to stock Twerk Pong – a real classic.

Just assemble the two flat-packed Twerk Pong pods, attach each round a couple of unsuspecting waists using the ribbons provided, load them up with 5 ping-pong balls, crank up your tunes and get the ass wiggling started. The winner is the first to empty their pod.

Just think of all that bottom toning on offer – and the blackmail videos you can gather!

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-        Set includes: 2 x flat-packed Twerk Pong pods, 2 x lengths of ribbon, 10 x ping-pong balls

-        Work It! Race to Empty the boxes contents.


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