The Lazy Man Frying Pan

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It’s a Sunday, your head is slightly sore from the antics of the night before and you know that the only cure would be a nice greasy fry up. Now is the time to get out your Lazy Man Pan, cook up a breakfast (or brunch / dinner) for kings and mend that broken spirit.

This pan really is pretty amazing! Not only is it non-stick (a Xylan Plus coating for those in the know) so will save that awful long winded washing up business, it also comes with five individual sections so is perfect for all your breakfast components. 

There are two sections with slight ridges which form the perfect fried egg mould, a deep area ready for your beans or tinned tomatoes, a mid-ridged section for sausages and bacon and a clever bobbly area ready for sautéing mushrooms or fresh tomatoes.

Add the clever induction base and you’re just one step away from the most amazing fry-up ever!

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Tech Specs

-          Five cooking compartments with egg moulds and ridge sections

-          Heavy duty die cast aluminium

-          Soft touch bakelite handle

-          Xylan 2x layer non-stick coating

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