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View the future.

Many funny things are heard in our day-to-day life of working at Genie Gadgets, although one of our all-time favourites still remains a newcomer asking if they should replace their 50” TV they have at home with our ever-popular Smartphone Projector.

While we did assure them that the Smartphone Projector is as good as it comes when the issue at hand is a handy smartphone projection system, we did recommend that they keep their 50” HD TV, just for the time being at least, until technology has a little bit more time to catch up.

Taking TV’s out the equation though, if you often find yourself watching videos on your phone late at night in bed, then the Smartphone Projector could be of interest to you. Hands free and providing up to 8x magnification, the Smartphone Projector is certainly better than going through the hassle of holding your phone up to your face just to get your daily dose of YouTube or Netflix.

A big fan of dark rooms and smooth white surfaces, the Smartphone Projector requires your smartphone to be turned up to 100% brightness for it’s best picture, although it is less fussy when it comes to choosing what phone it works alongside, with it happy to work with IOS, Android and Windows.

Somewhat of a mini DIY project also, the Smartphone Projector does require a minute or two of assembly, although we can ensure you that it is more than worth your time and brain power.

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Genie Gadgets delivers once again!
Genie Gadgets delivers once again! My son and daughter are always watching films and TV on their phone in bed before they go sleep, and they love the fact that they can now do this hands-free. The only problem I have is trying to get them to go sleep at a sensible time! Review by Chaz (Posted on 22/02/2016)
The Smartphone Projector does exactly what it says in the title
The Smartphone Projector does exactly what it says in the title and comes with well presented, easy to follow instructions. With the lights off and phone on full brightness the picture quality is good, though I won’t be throwing away my television! Review by Johnnny (Posted on 16/12/2015)
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Tech Specs

Very important information

Smartphone Projector Black struggles to work alongside large phones such as the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy 3.

Slightly less important information

• Your mobile phone videos finally get their break on the big screen.
• Shouldn’t be viewed as a replacement for your 50” Smart TV.
• Works alongside IOS, Windows and Android – very sociable.
• Requires five minutes of assembly – we have faith in you though.
• Displays up to 8x magnification through the accompanying glass lens.

How big is it?

Smartphone Projector Black has been seen by our measuring professionals and has been recorded as having 21 x 11 x 17cm dimensions.

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