Orb Gaming Virtual Archer

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Product Description

If you think archery you’re probably transported to Sherwood Forest, green tights and the days of Robin and his band of merry men. That’s what we thought anyway, until we came across the epic, and totally 21st century Virtual Archer.

This rather impressive bit of kit takes the classic bow (although crafted in plastic and packed with technology rather than carved from walnut) and adds a string and smartphone holder.

Download the free app to access some fab games, pop in 2 x AAA batteries (not included), connect your phone to your bow using Bluetooth and you’re set up with up to 15 hours of game playing fun.

Whether you’re looking to slay some dastardly dragons or become an ace at target shooting the Virtual Archer will keep you happy for hours, both indoors and out.

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Tech Specs

-          Bow connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth

-          Includes access to a free app with multiple games available

-          Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)

-          Battery life:  up to 15 hours

-          Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

-          Compatible with most IOS and Android mobile phone devices

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