Mojito Cocktail Set

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Sometimes all you need is a mojito. And when a day like that strikes how amazing would it be to be able to reach into your kitchen cupboard and grab our Mojito Cocktail Set.

If you’re a lover of the rum then this really is for you. Inside you get two highball glasses, a muddler (I know! We were a little confused by this one too) and a fab twisty spoon, perfect for swishing round your delicious concoction. Plus, instructions are included so there’s no chance you’ll get this Cuban delicacy wrong.

To give you a guide of how easy it is to get your drink ready…

Just muddle your mint, sugar and lime (use the Muddler to give it all a good bash about), add ice, rum and then soda water, give it a mix with your twisty spoon and you’re good to go.

It will always be mojito time.

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* Contains: 2 x highball glasses, 1 x muddler, 1 x twisty spoon

* Wash before first use

* Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave use

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