Giant 2ft Gummy Worm

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When a Giant Gummi Worm arrived on our desks we were incredibly excited.  Not only does this massive 2ft long fruit flavoured piece of confectionery look and taste amazing, it also takes us back to our childhoods and helps us relive those carefree days.

Chances are that the worms you ate as a youngster were considerably smaller and packed neatly into a white paper bag (or straight from the flowerbed) and were devoured with some serious gusto.  Well now is the time to recapture that childhood exuberance and get to grips with this beast – although we’d recommend a few sittings.

Our Giant Gummi Worm is something to be reckoned with – the question is if you’ve got the power to take on the challenge?


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Tech Specs

- A whopping 2ft of taste

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