Dog Ball Launcher

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If your four-legged friend is a bit down in the dumps and is getting bored of the endless trips to the village park imagine the look on their little furry face when they spot you clutching the Ball Launcher.

This epic piece of kit promises to keep your canine as happy as pig in sh*t (or puppy in the mud perhaps). Just load one of the two squeaky tennis balls, pull back the handle and fire. Your ball will shoot up to 30m* and your pup will get the exercise he needs in a fraction of the time you normally spend trudging around the local recreation ground.

And the brilliant bit. Thanks to it looking like something Arnold Schwarzenegger might brandish (but with a handy carrying handle for those more practical of action heroes) you’re bound to become somewhat notable in your dog walking circle.

* Depends on the angle trajectory and the surface the ball lands on.

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* Contains: 1 x Ball Launcher, 2 x squeaky tennis balls, 1 x carry handle

* Measures 60cm x 9cm

* 30m shot distance depends on the angle trajectory and the surface the ball lands on