Color My Bath 300 - Rainbow bath bombs

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The humble bath. Either a nice way to unwind after a bit of a day or the (possibly) tortuous process of trying to persuade errant children to get in, stay in and have their hair washed to boot. Don’t worry though, if you’re looking to brighten up your own bath time or need to add some persuasion to your arsenal then give a warm welcome to the astonishingly brilliant Color My Bath.

Made in America (probably given away by the missing ‘u’) using 100% safe, non-staining and eco-friendly ingredients you’re going to love Color My Bath. 

The idea is quite brilliant. Just take one or two tablets from your pot (300 included), pop them in the bath and you’re met with a fizzingly beautiful cacophony of colour. Whether you want to focus on the primary colours (red, blue and yellow for those who’ve forgotten their primary school paint mixing knowledge) or want to do your own thing and create your own colour, the world is your oyster.     

Plus, as Color My Bath doesn’t include soap or perfume, and the fact that they are created using food-safe colourings, it’s perfectly safe if bath time normally involved a bit of water supping.       

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Just fantastic!
OMG I love these bath bombs! As the mum of a two-year-old who doesn't always like getting in the bath the Color My Bath - Rainbow Bath Bombs have proved a miracle. Just by letting him choose the colour and throw the bombs in a bath suddenly seems the best idea ever! One bomb is enough to create a brilliantly bright bath so they last ages too! I'll definitely get more when we run out Review by AbiG (Posted on 01/08/2018)
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Tech Specs


-          Tub contains a mixture of 300 tablets - 100 large and 200 small fizzing red, yellow and blue tablets

-          Lab tested and guaranteed as ‘Kid Safe’  

-          Made using food-safe colouring with no added soap or perfumes so safe to drink when dissolved (although not recommended)

-          Suitable for children aged 3 years and over

Caution:  This product may stain porous surfaces, textiles or adhere to soap scum.

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