Butt Head Game

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Who doesn’t enjoy making their mate look stupid while you chuck stuff at them? We do at Genie, which is why we love the Butt Head Game.

Designed to make your friend look like, well…..a butt head, the game itself is delightfully simple. Simply strap the fashionable velcro headwear on to whoever you fancy throwing stuff at and use the accompanying three balls to try and hit the hat (we presume you are all nice people and won’t aim anywhere else) where they will stick if you are accurate enough.

With one hat and three balls included, there is a whole host of games you can conjure up from the original contents meaning it is perfect for an array of occasions, from business ice-breaker activities to just an all-round family classic.

Make someone the butt of the jokes.

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  • The set includes x1 hat and x3 balls.
  • Hand wash in luke warm water.
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years.
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