Bogey Man Egg Separator

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Whether you’re a fan of scrambled, poached, boiled or fried there’s no denying that eggs are pretty fab. In fact, you probably think that eggs are so eggcellent that they can’t be bettered. But guess what, we’ve got hold of the Bogey Man Egg Separator and this little dude is rather wonderful (and a bit gross to boot).

The Bogey Man and his striking white face and red snout is certain to make a statement as he gurns from your kitchen shelf but just wait until you add an egg or two! Just crack a few shells, plop the eggs into your Bogey Man’s head, pour gently and get ready to be completely grossed out as all the white dribbles out of his nose.  

Our Bogey Man Egg Separator promises to evoke some serious stomach-churning so is designed for those with the strongest of constitutions.   

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