We spend a lot of time on the world wide web at Genie Gadgets and sometimes, believe it or not, we come across some weird things. So here's a space where we can share those weird things and also some terribly awful jokes. Occasionally we might post some serious stuff as well.
  • Get on the party bus

    Back in the day choosing your tipple was much simpler than it is now. If you were going ‘out, out’ you’d probably be sipping on a nice glass of White Grenache or glugging down a pint of Fosters with a shot of Apple Sourz for good measure. Your order was simple and you always knew what to order during your two second shout at a harassed barman.


  • Break with tradition this Father’s Day

    It’s very nearly June and that means that we’re on serious Father’s Day countdown.  I write this with a degree of trepidation.  I know I shouldn’t be worried about the imminent arrival of one day that comes along each year, I know I should be much more focused on the wonderful way I can say thank you to my dad and my son’s daddy – but the truth is that just the thought of Father’s Day sends me in to the tizz of all tizzies.


  • We will help you clear the Christmas clutter

    The sad truth is that by now the frivolity of the Christmas festivities are a fading memory, the kids are back at school, work has become normal again and a day does not consist of ‘allowed’ PJ wearing.  2017 has landed with somewhat of a loud bang!


  • Bring on the Figgy Pudding

    I love Christmas, I am not one of those super organised present purchasers and I don’t have my tree up in October but to me Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year.


  • We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up

    For most of us November signals the start of the annual festive frenzy and high streets up and down the land become jam packed with people rushing about with shopping bags and crazed expressions. Well, worry not – here at GenieGadgets we’ve got Christmas cracked!


  • Who eats mince pies in September?!

    Is it just me or do the years suddenly start getting remarkably shorter as you get older?  It doesn’t seem like more than a couple of months ago that I was sitting down in a silly hat, with tinsel round my neck tucking into a turkey dinner – and now we are almost at the end of the year again!


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