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Whether you’re a regular commuter or just prefer Sunday cycle the truth is that bike lights are necessary but bloody boring. You can’t really get excited about a bit of plastic and some LEDs. Well, the good news is that the world has changed and thanks to the arrival of (the slightly naughty) Bike Balls your plums will soon be things of envy. 

The highly visible and wonderfully wacky Bike Balls are a bit of a phenomenon after being Kickstarter funded in just 72 hours. Thanks to some nifty design they hang securely on the back of your bike seat and can be popped off easily to avoid someone nicking your nads. 

Just give your nut sack a quick squeeze and your Bike Balls will either glow red steadily or (with another couple of grabs) will move through a series of flashing modes – perfect for keeping pesky drivers at bay.

What’s more, your family jewels will arrive with batteries, can have batteries replaced easily and are completely wipe clean.  What more could you want?

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Tech Specs


-       Requires 2 x CR2032 lithium-metal battery cells (included)

-       Batteries can be replaced

-       Batteries will last approximately 100 hours when glowing steadily or 190 hours when in flashing light mode

-       Wipe your Bike Balls clean with a damp cloth – DO NOT PUT YOUR BALLS IN WATER

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