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Self-stirring Lazy Mug

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Product Description

Life is exhausting enough without having to suffer the extra effort involved in stirring your coffee or tea in the morning.

We all agree (surely?) that stirring your steaming beverage is really quite knackering.... What's needed then is a Self Stirring Mug! At a touch of the button nestling neatly in the handle of the plain lazy Self-Stirring Mug, your piping hot drink will begin to spin into a dizzying vortex, hypnotising you into a catatonic state where work schedules fade into insignificance.

If you're not susceptible to hypnotism, then it's still great fun just watching your coffee whirlpool before your eyes. Coffee and tea has never been so stirred, whilst you remain unshaken.


  • Please note, the message on the side does not say 'make tea not war', it says, 'self stirring mug'.
  • Self-stirring mug, hence the name. Press the stir button on handle to stir, logical captain.
  • Perfect for Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Soups, again, logical and blindingly obvious.
  • It's not a feature as such, but boy is it fun.
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not supplied).
  • Measures: 11.5 x 9cm diameter (excluding handle).

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