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Power On Hand warmers

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Out of Stock

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Product Description

These Power On Hand Warmers are the perfect winter present for the electronics fiend.

Just click to activate and they will heat up to a nice toasty level in minutes. Then you can reset them at home and use them again and again. The 'on' button is an iconic little in-joke for gadget lovers.


  • Two reusable hand warmers with universal power sign detail. 
  • TO ACTIVATE: Give the metal disk inside the hand warmer a couple of clicks. This will start a chemical reaction and the liquid inside will crystallise and begin to heat up instantly. It will reach a temperature of approximately 55’C within a couple of minutes. The heat will last for around 30 minutes (un-insulated) but can last for several hours if placed in a pocket, mitten or glove.  
  • To RE-USE: Allow the hand warmer to cool off completely before resetting it using the following method: Place the hand warmer in boiling water for approximately 5-10 minutes until all the crystals inside have disappeared and become liquefied. Do not leave the pan unattended, stir it occasionally to keep the hand warmer moving. Remove from the water and immediately place the hand warmer on a suitable surface and leave to cool off naturally for approximately 10 - 15 minutes. Your hand warmer will then be ready to use again
  • Follow the same instructions to activate and reset again and again. 

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