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Hang Out Hammock


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Product Description

The fantabulous Hang-Out Hammock is the ideal travelling companion when you want to, well, hang out! Take it around a friend's garden, pop it in your bag when you go to the country for the weekend, pack it in with your picnic when you're off down the park or beach (if the latter's blessed with palm trees, or your mates don't mind standing really still for the afternoon and taking the strain)... Hell, just add giant hand-held fans for that perfect slave and master vibe! The Hang-Out Hammock is the big brother to last year's smash-hit Pocket Hammock that became the darling of every loafer and sun-worshipper worth their salt. This full-sized, 2.7-metre, 120-kilo-rated version is a delightfully more substantial and comfortable hammock constructed from sturdy 3mm nylon cord mesh in gorgeous colours, and comes complete with steel rings and 1-metre hanging ropes. Ideal as an indoor or outdoor bed, its compact design is great for traveling and transportation, and simply sumptuous for siestas. If you're new to "hammocking", please be aware that there is a trick to entry and exit, and do ensure that you have a kindly friend on hand to help you in/out. It's either that or set aside a couple of days while you potentially fail to escape its comfy clutches. (Then again, how bad would that be?) Available in pink or blue (cocktails and sombrero not included).

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