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Contemporary Ball Clock

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Product Description

The Contemporary Ball Clock is a revolution (no ball pun intended) in clock design. Uncluttered by the gawky hands of a conventional clock, the clean face has nothing on it but the numbers and a red ball, and the ball isn't even attached to the face. You see this clever clock actually has a hand inside the clock (so much cooler than on the outside). On that hand is a magnet, you can see where we're going here, and in the red ball is a magnet, so of course as the hands sweeps along, it carried the ball with it. Naturally it's not a clock for people who are obsessed about the minutiae of time, as the ball follows the hours, so you can tell that it's about 9.15, but not 9.07. Life's way too short to worry whether it's 11.08 or 11.15 in our opinion, and frankly when you've got a clock this cool on your wall, who on earth's going to care. We also love the fact that you can take the ball off. Not because it's remotely useful to do that, but it's just kind of fun and clever. It measures 24cm across and is powered by a single AA battery. Clean and contemporary, it's a clock for people too cool to care about minutes.


  • Standard clock face with no hands.
  • Hidden magnet moves red ball round the face to tell the time without a minute or hour hand.
  • Wall or stand mounted.
  • Requires 1 x AA battery (not included).
  • Measures: 24 x 3cm.


  • Clock.
  • Magnetic ball.
  • Clock stand.

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